Colourblind Twitch streamer struggles to defuse the bomb in Modern Warfare

Which wire is green?!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soldiers

A colourblind streamer couldn’t get past one of the last missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s campaign because he didn’t know which wire he needed to cut on a suicide vest.

The clip of Tyler ‘Quirkitized’ Meier, who has 18,451 at the time of writing, has gone viral after the visibly panicked streamer is told to cut the coloured wires in quick succession in the campaign’s tenth mission, The Wolf’s Den. If you cut the wrong wires, or the right wire too quickly, the vest explodes killing both Alex and Farah, and thus ending the mission there and then.

But in this case, Quirkitized doesn’t even know which wire is which, let alone which one to cut in a two second period,  creating a hilarious high-octane moment that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

“Which one’s green?! I hate being colourbind,” the streamer shouts as the bomb explodes in his face. “We’re dead, we’re f****** dead!”

However, on the second attempt, the streamer realises that there’s name tags on each of the wires when you hover over them, so luckily he only had one incident.

However, one incident is one too many, and Quirkitized certainly won’t be getting a job with the bomb defusal team any time soon.