Dataminer discovers 13 new operators in Modern Warfare files

The operators include Ghost and Farah

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soldiers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been out for less than three weeks, but dataminers are already hard at work trying to find out what might be coming to the shooter next. And it looks like we’ll be getting 13 new multiplayer operators if a leak is to be believed.

Redditor Senescallo found mentions of six Allegiance operators and seven Coalition operators in the PC files (thanks, Charlie Intel) and include Ghost, Farah, and an operator played by former NFL player, Marshawn Lynch.

Modern Warfare launched with 18 operators, which can be unlocked through competitive challenges. Although the operators don’t give you any competitive advantages, they do give players an opportunity to brag about hitting certain achievements.

The operators might form a part of Modern Warfare’s official season launch in December, but only time will tell if they’ll all be released for the game’s battle pass.