Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pros react to meta changing MP5 nerf

Infinity Ward nerfs one of competitive plays two main weapons, but what will be the impact?

Modern Warfare

With the exception of sniper rifles, two guns have absolutely reigned supreme throughout the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League: The M4 and the MP5. The meta has barely shifted since the competitive season began, but now one of those staple weapons has been nerfed into the ground in the latest update.

With damage range being reduced on both the gun itself and its religiously-used 10mm Rounds attachment, the MP5 has been significantly weakened and will almost certainly lose its spot as the number one SMG in the game for competitive pro players. This could pave the way for either the MP7 or – as is currently being heavily suggested by a lot of pros – the Uzi to enter the competitive meta.

There has been a generally positive reaction to the news that the MP5 is finally getting a nerf after months of it being the undisputed top SMG in the game, however some are concerned at the timing of this shift in the meta as it comes just over a month away from the start of the CDL Playoffs, where teams will compete for a slice of a $4.6 million prize pot.

The likes of Chicago Huntsmen’s Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon and Minnesota Rokkr’s Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer were pleased to see the MP5 get its long overdue nerf.

However, London Royal Ravens’ Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall and Seattle Surge’s Sam’ Octane’ Larew both shared their concerns at the timing of the MP5’s nerf with it being a staple of the competitive scene.

And Octane’s teammate Casey ‘Pandur’ Romano was concerned that nothing will really change with the meta shifting over to the Uzi, which also comes with the 10mm Rounds attachment. His sentiments were echoed by Huntsmen’s Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson, who warns that pros “are about to be bitching” all over again.

Teams will have less than two weeks to get used to the new weapon nerfs and buffs, with the next CDL Home Series being played July 10-12.

For a look at all the weapon tweaks, plus changes to playlists, Warzone, and more, check out the full patch notes here.