This MW2 Blackcell operator doesn’t talk and maybe that’s a good thing

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 has dropped the Blackcell Battle Pass, which includes the new Atom operator skin - but he doesn't talk. However, that might be good.

Atom Blackcell operator skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Often when we run around maps like Himmelmatt Expo we can hear our Modern Warfare 2 operator shouting for dear life. While some COD skins harbour some genuinely great or entertaining dialogue, sometimes it might be nice if Infinity Ward let us hit the mute button on them, at least for a little bit. The MW2 Blackcell Battle Pass introduces the Atom operator skin into the fold, and his lack of vocality is a change of pace for Call of Duty players.

Following the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 release date, COD players are feasting on the latest offerings that the new Modern Warfare 2 patch notes offer. One such offering is the arrival of Atom, a new mysterious new Blackcell Battle Pass operator that has MW2 Redditor ‘HackerWrench’ asking: “Is Atom mute? The dude doesn’t have a single voice line.” Apart from displays of pain and exhaustion on the battlefield, Atom’s stoic presence in the latest Call of Duty game might not be a bad thing.

The new MW2 operator is already drawing comparisons to Velikan, an operator seen previously in the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot. Redditor ‘MoneyMoves’ claims that “people are gonna hate, but one reason I used Velikan a lot in MW 2019 was because of his lack of voice lines.” Another player believes that Atom’s silence is a refreshing addition to MW2: “I might actually not mind not having an operator constantly yelling out bullshit all the time. I don’t buy them for the voice lines.”

Is atom mute? The dude doesn’t have a single voice line.
by u/HackerWrench in ModernWarfareII

However, the arrival of the Blackcell Battle Pass isn’t without controversy, mostly due to its $30 price tag. “You have to spend another 2400 cod points for him to have a voice,” jokes Redditor ‘s2keddie’. Despite the lack of voice lines from Atom, his silence could be for a more deliberate reason within the wider lore of Modern Warfare 2. We’ve seen classic characters rebooted in both of the recent MW iterations and now, some players believe that Atom could actually be Vladimir Makarov in disguise.

Fellow COD player ‘GoldenJ19‘ posits “I believe it is Makarov, which is why he doesn’t have voice lines. They likely just don’t want to reveal the character yet.” Atom’s outfit does lend itself to the aesthetic Makarov, with a tailored suit and body armour comprising the OG MW2 villain’s threads. Makarov’s presence was teased throughout the later half of Modern Warfare 2 missions and it isn’t the first time Infinity Ward has teased new story developments through COD multiplayer.

Makarov’s arrival before a true Modern Warfare 2 sequel would be interesting, especially if the developer uses Warzone 2 to expand on their narrative. We may be waiting a while for that to come to fruition, though. Until then, equip the best Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 guns and head into battle.