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MW2 10v10 moshpit makes one of the worst COD maps ever brilliant

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 introduces 10v10 moshpit and its so good that COD players are praising the MW2 mode for making a controversial Call of Duty map fun.

MW2 operator on the map Border Crossing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is a treat for COD players looking for a furious skirmish. The latest mode to keep the MW2 playlist rotation fresh is 10v10 moshpit, which breathes new life into the game’s divisive maps. However, it is proving to be so popular that even one of the most controversial maps in Call of Duty history is getting a reappraisal. We didn’t see this one coming.

Developer Infinity Ward adds plenty of changes to the latest Modern Warfare 2 patch notes, but the COD community can dive into the 10v10 moshpit right now and experience a resurgence of Santa Sena Border Crossing. No, we didn’t say that incorrectly, as Modern Warfare 2 subreddit user ‘Dashwii‘ says “Infinity Ward please never rotate 10v10 out of the game. The fact that even border crossing is a fun experience now says it all.”

Released as a core map upon the launch of MW2, the Border Crossing map was slated for its design ethos led to annoying deaths and or lacklustre gameplay. It has repeatedly seen itself referred to as the “worst map” to grace the game by frustrated players. The 10v10 moshpit is leading players into a renewed period of interest for MW2, with Redditor ‘tupperware_tim‘ adding “10v10 is an insane breath of fresh air. It’s so much more fun than standard. This literally revived my interest entirely in multiplayer.”

But it isn’t just Border Crossing that is earning itself a new reputation with COD fans. Modern Warfare 2 players will know that the arrival of the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 release date re-released the Valderas Museum map.

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Removed for copyright issues, the map is back for all to enjoy, and the 10v10 moshpit is giving it the action experience COD fans are hungry for. “Museum especially goes from [a] crappy map to really fun,” says ‘Big_Katsura’.

Its revamped fun compliments other maps too like the open-space sniper haven Taraq, according to ‘PP21’: “I think Taraq and Museum shine most as 10v10. Hardpoint is hilarious on 10v10, I’ve never been a part of so many lopsided victories like I’m talking 250-18 type of stuff. Never had many of those in 6v6.”

The duration of the 10v10 moshpit in Modern Warfare 2 will be a curious element to note, as the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded release date promises further changes to the game. New map Himmelmatt Expo is the next locale to feature in the game, and if the success of the 10v10 moshpit continues, then we’re sure it’ll get off to a great start.