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MW2 Blackcell battle pass wastes operator challenges potential

The arrival of the Modern Warfare 2 Blackcell battle pass means there are new COD skins to gain, but its presence squanders the purpose of operator challenges.

Ghost operator in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

You can’t have too many choices when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 operator skins. Well, that’s as long as they provide unique enough aesthetics to warrant spending your hard-earned COD store bucks. With Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 leading the charge in the latest Call of Duty game, returning players are noticing that the MW2 Blackcell battle pass renders one of the game’s methods of giving out incentives redundant.

If you’ve got spare COD cash floating around in Modern Warfare 2, then you may be tempted to pick the recent addition of the MW2 Blackcell battle pass. The considerable price tag of $30 might give you pause, however, just like Redditor ‘CrossWitcher’ over on the game’s subreddit. Showcasing a myriad of Ghost operator skins that almost look identical, the COD player pitches their thoughts: “Remember when we just had to do ‘operator challenges’ to get their multiple alternate skins instead of paying $30 to only get 1 alternate skin.”

The Ghost operator skins in question show slight variations of the character, from a more muted scarf colour to a lighter shade of grey on his hoodie. The very subtle differences aren’t exactly impressing COD fanatics, considering they were purportedly available through in-game rewards, as opposed to shelling out for a new round of cosmetics.

“I couldn’t care less if people want to buy more skins[…]I tend to forget MW2 is paid and has the same battle pass as Warzone 2. MW2 players shouldn’t be responsible for subsidizing Warzone 2 […] I just wish they would bring back operator challenges to unlock more alternatives”, says Call of Duty Redditor ‘happycap77’ in response.

Remember when we just had to do "Operator Challenges" to get their multiple alternate skins instead of paying $30 to only get 1 alternate skin
by u/CrossWitcher in ModernWarfareII

Others like ‘wij202‘ claim that “we really need these [operator challenges] back. Most of the time the three skins in these challenges were just recolours of the same one but still, better than just one for an extra $30.” However, MW2 players such as ‘SHMOODER‘ are less than satisfied with the current state of affairs: “People are much more willing to just pay for skins and alternate skins. Really disappointed to see Just how many people bought these skins.”

Operator challenges can be a fun way to break up the grind of Modern Warfare 2, giving the game a different sense of purpose outside of just defeating enemies. However, it appears that Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 is one of the more divisive updates yet, with inclusions such as pay-to-win Warzone 2 DMZ skins causing a stir within both sides of the COD community.

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