You can pet the Plaguehound in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Who's a good boy?

Whenever a new game that features some furry friends drops, the minds of most players turn to one question, and one question only: Can you pet it?

Whether it’s the cat in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, to the giraffe in The Last of Us, all manner of animals are pettable in video games, but it’s always the dogs that get us in the feels. Even the ones that have risen from the dead, right? Well Treyarch seems to think zombie dogs deserve as much love as their living counterparts, because yes: You can pet the Plaguehounds in Black Ops Cold War zombies.

The zombified dogs, which terrorise you in Die Maschine, can be rather intimidating when an entire pack of them are bounding towards you and your delicious-looking flesh. However, with one simple trick you can turn them from bad dogs to good boys, and even give them a pet.

Using Brain Rot rounds, which when fired at enemies have a chance to turn them into your ally by attacking other zombies for you, you can turn the Plaguehounds form demonic to docile. Simply walk up to them if affected with Brain Rot and hold your interact button or key on them, and you can give them a little pet. Aw.

You can now pet a brain rot dog from r/CODZombies

You’ll have to move quick though, as Brain Rot enemies only last around 15 seconds before returning to the land of the dead.

This mechanic appears to work in all current zombies game modes that have Plaguehounds spawning in them. Seeing as it’s only been discovered, it’s likely this adorable easter egg was dropped in by Treyarch in yesterday’s pre-Season One update, which finally fixed zombies’ split-screen issues.