Black Ops Cold War League Play suspensions introduced for quitters

The Season Two Reloaded update brings some big changes to League Play

League Play, the ranked mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, gives players an arena to scratch their competitive itch. Unfortunately, the mode has been far from perfect since it was launched earlier in the year, but Treyarch has now introduced a few changes that should make it a more enjoyable experience as part of its Season Two Reloaded update.

Arguably the biggest change is a rework of wildcards in League Play. Treyarch has made class creation much stricter when it comes to picking the weapons and perks you want. The Perk Greed wildcard – which allows you to run six perks by picking two from each group instead of one – has now been completely restricted, meaning all League Play players will be limited to three perks.

Law Breaker has also been changed to prevent players starting with two primary weapons – as the Overkill perk allows you to do in Warzone – but will still let you pick three perks from any group. This is huge news, as it prevents players from bringing in powerful weapons that can cover all ranges and situations from the start. You can still pick up enemy guns off the ground to get two primary guns, but there’s no more running a sniper and an SMG from the get-go.

This will hopefully improve the League Play experience – which is meant to closely emulate the competitive conditions seen in the Call of Duty League – as players have been terrorising the mode with overpowered classes for a while now.

The other big change is that players who quit matches or are kicked for friendly fire will now receive actual punishment for their negative behaviour. Before this update, the only consequence to quitting a match was the loss of some ladder points. Now, you will suffer a matchmaking suspension if you quit or are kicked for friendly fire.

This will scale depending on the number of infringements.

There are also a few fixes for some of the UI problems in League Play, so leaderboards, ladders, and all the other screens and menus in the mode should now work as intended.

With all of these improvements to League Play, and some intriguing weapon balancing buffs and nerfs as part of the Season Two Reloaded update, League Play should feel mighty different the next time you gear up for some ranked play.