Best Cyber Monday deals for USB microphones

Treat yourself, you know you want to

Streaming is a pretty expensive hobby regardless of how seriously you take it. Viewers are fickle creatures and how long they stay around usually depends on how slick your streams look and how you sound. As such, getting the right equipment for the job can put a pretty big dent in your wallet – especially when it comes to a good microphone. Luckily for you, this time of year is perfect to land deals on top-notch streaming gear.

If you’re more of a hobbyist than a full-time content creator looking to ditch your gaming headset for a standalone microphone, then we’d recommend picking up a USB mic. They’re generally cheaper than some of the XLR microphones used by some of the biggest streamers and are pretty much exclusively plug and play.

They can be placed directly in front of you while streaming or they can be attached to a boom, but wherever they sit, we can guarantee they’ll sound better than most gaming headsets – adding more value to your stream.

So let’s get right to it, then. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals for USB microphones.

Best Cyber Monday Deals for USB MICS

If your voice sounds muffled while you’re streaming or your viewers constantly ask you to repeat what you’re saying, then chance are you need a new microphone.

There are plenty of decent microphones from reputable brands out there, but these are the pick of the bunch.

Product Image 1
Product Image 2
Product Image 3

So that’s it for now, but if you’re in the market for more gaming gear, then make sure you check out our full list of Cyber Monday console gaming deals. PCGamesN’s also got one on the best PC hardware deals, and Pocket Tactics has one on the best mobile gaming deals.

Remember to sign up for Amazon Prime too if you haven’t already – you’ll get your Cyber Monday purchase in no time with it, as well as a whole host of extra goodies.

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