Save 34% on a Razer Viper Ultimate mouse in Amazon’s early Black Friday deals

As Amazon's Black Friday sales begin, the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse has received a $50 discount.

A Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse on a coloured background.

Amazon has officially started its Black Friday discounts. This is not a drill. The website is currently filled with mouth-watering deals, including this hefty saving on the prestigious Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse, which you can now pick up for just under $100 – perfect for anyone looking to improve their competitive FPS performance.

Any PC gamer worth their salt knows that Razer does a mean line in high performance gaming mice, and the Viper Ultimate ranks among the best. It comes with eight programmable buttons, which allow you to create a configuration that suits you and the games you like to play (whether that’s Apex Legends, or FIFA 22).

Even better, if you’re the kind of person who can lose hours playing match after match without even realising it, its 70 hour battery life should be enough for even the longest play sessions. Razer proudly boasts that this mouse is 25% quicker than the competition, thanks to its HyperSpeed technology, which allows for extreme low-latency and interference reduction, enabling true wireless freedom. Plus, its ambidextrous, lightweight design means that it’ll suit both left and right handers.

On top of all that, it looks great. The slick black design goes with practically any set-up and it comes with an RGB charging dock, which adds a little flair to your gaming space. Of course, we’re not the kind of people who are swayed solely by a mouse’s aesthetic, but it certainly can’t hurt.

With the holiday season approaching at an alarming speed, many of us will be thinking about buying gifts for our loved ones. Any gamer would be absolutely delighted by the gift of a Razer mouse and the revolutionised gaming experience that it could deliver.


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As with many Amazon deals, it is unclear exactly how long this deal is going to last, so make sure you nab it before it’s too late.

Around Black Friday in particular, these kinds of discounts can be quite short-lived. Check out our Black Friday hub to stay up to date with all the latest gaming deals.