The best steering wheels for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox

We've selected four of the best steering wheels (including Thrustmaster and Logitech) for those wanting to enhance their racing game experience on Xbox.

Xbox steering wheels, one by DOYO and one by Logitech spliced together from different images with a diagonal line down the middle. DOYO on the left shows someone holding the controller while they play in the room, image on the right shows the wheel inside an actual car.

The best Xbox racing games are even better when you play them with an Xbox steering wheel. With the pedals at your feet and your hands gripping the wheel, they can feel pretty much as close to racing a real car as can you get (without the fear of crashing, or the enormous effort of making it as a professional driver).

But what are the best Xbox steering wheels? What do you need to make your journeys around Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 just a little more exciting? Which wheel will make Assetto Corsa feel even more real? How can you efficiently satisfy your Need for Speed? Well, we’re glad you asked.

We’ve selected four of the best Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S compatible steering wheels to make it easier for driving simulation fans to narrow down the options. Each one has their own unique strengths and benefits, for which you’ll find a brief summary below.

The best Xbox steering wheels are:

  • Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
  • HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive
  • Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • DOYO Steering Wheel
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Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

If you need any reassurance that this is a top quality product, look no further than the fact that this is an official Ferrari steering wheel. Thrustmaster wheels are thought of as some of the very best in the gaming sphere and they’re particularly popular amongst fans of the Forza series, in part because they were specifically designed for Xbox use.

Car aficionados will recognise this wheel as a replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider sports car, made to a 7:10 scale. That alone is pretty awesome, but it’s not just about the aesthetics: with nine action buttons, a Manettino dial, D-pad, Xbox button, and metal sequential pedal shifters, this is a fantastic controller made for precision and control.

It’s really easy to set up too, working on a simple plug-and-play premise, so you don’t need to worry about complex setup procedures if you want to get racing as soon as you get it out of the box. This isn’t the most expensive option, nor is it the cheapest, but it’s a nice middle of the road choice (which is ironic, because driving in the middle of the road is bad and this wheel is good).

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Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive

Hori is a master when it comes to creating video game controllers and this steering wheel is no exception. Like the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 wheel, this has been designed especially for Xbox games and it comes with the Xbox logo emblazoned in the middle of the wheel.

This racing wheel has been designed to accommodate a 270-degree turn radius and comes with adjustable output options, allowing you to tailor its use so that it best suits your own style of gameplay. On top of that, this is another one that includes foot pedals for extra control and realism. Indeed, you can even swap between four different profiles so that you and three others can each configure it as you please (and, unlike when you let someone else drive your car in real life, you won’t have to readjust your seat and mirrors each time).

If you’re someone who also enjoys a bit of PC gaming, you’ll be pleased to hear that this steering wheel is also completely compatible with Windows 10, further expanding the new experiences this wheel could unlock.

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Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

If you’re after a deluxe option, look no further than this Logitech steering wheel. This is a top of the range controller and another that’s compatible with the Xbox family of consoles (from Xbox One onward) and PCs alike.

What sets this one aside from the others is the way that it provides realistic force feedback. It has G920 driving force engineered into its design, using dual-motor force feedback in order to create sensations as close to real cars as possible, varying depending on what types of in-game terrain you’re driving on. It even uses gears modelled after the gearing used in actual car transmission, meaning that it works smoothly, quietly and precisely.

This isn’t something that’s going to wear out in a couple of years either. Using solid ball bearings in the wheel shaft and stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals, this is a piece of gear that’s been made with durability in mind. To reinforce this, they added durable built-in clamps and bolt points to reduce the risk of wobbling if you’re playing on a table top, helping it to feel like a real, solid steering wheel. It’s one of the pricier options, but you certainly get what you pay for.

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DOYO Steering Wheel

From one of the pricier options, back to one of the more affordable. Though the DOYO wheel is easier on the wallet, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a quality Xbox steering wheel.

This one comes with a built-in dual motor drive and a 270 degree swivel design. On top of that, the ergonomically designed foot pedals are made to avoid cramps and discomfort if you like playing for long periods – and, hey, sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself in the gentle hum of the car engine as the hours pass by.

This one isn’t exclusively an Xbox (or Microsoft) steering wheel and is actually compatible with PS4, PS3, Android Games and even Nintendo Switch. So if you’re a gamer who enjoys the delights of Forza Horizon 5, Gran Turismo 7, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (#AllConsolesAreGoodConsoles), then this might be the choice for you.

We hope that that helps you to decide which Xbox steering wheel is going to be best for you. For more Xbox content, check out our guide on the best Xbox Series X games.