The best PS5 RPG games March 2023

If you're scrolling endlessly through the store looking for the best PS5 RPG games, let us help - we've got some stellar role playing suggestions.

Best PS5 RPG games: Aloy smiles in Horizon Forbidden West

What are the best PS5 RPG games? Well, these games come in a vast array of different flavours and styles. While some of them are simply upgrades from the PS5, others are built for the speed and power of the PS5, leading to game changing experiences.

Whether you’re looking for one of the best PS5 games, something dark and gritty, something colourful and fun, something from our best RPG games list, or something to play with your friends, we’ve got you covered here at The Loadout while you wait for all the new PS5 games.

These are the best PS5 RPG games:

  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Elden Ring
  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Tales of Arise
  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
  • Judgment
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut
  • The Nioh Collection
  • Genshin Impact

Best PS5 RPG games: Aloy fights a mechanical mammoth in Horizon Forbidden west

1. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is bigger and better than the original game, bringing new lands, factions, and skills to the fore. However, that means you’ll need to spend a lot of time cranking Aloy’s skills to the max so she can defeat the next wave of machines and save the planet.

The game feels much more rewarding to play than the first and it’s a must for anyone looking for a worthy time sink.

Don’t believe us? Give our Horizon Forbidden West review a read.

Best PS5 RPG games: A tarnished wielding a weapon stands in front of a mountain in Elden Ring

2. Elden Ring

Elden Ring has its names in the stars at this point. With entries in our best PS5 games and best PS5 open world games, there’s honestly nothing this FromSoftware title can’t do.

It’s why, if you’re a fan of Soulslike games, that you need to play Elden Ring. You could spend hours setting up different builds to tackle each of the Elden Ring bosses – and that doesn’t even count the hundreds of side quests found in-game either.

Check out our Elden Ring review for reasons to play this incredible game.

PS5 RPG games: A hooded figure uses a hand power ina red lit room in Scarlet Nexus

3. Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus takes place in a dystopian brain-punk future where technology and psychic powers have become the norm. People are made to take hormones to keep them young, because that’s when they’re the most powerful. Everything’s messed up, and it’s pretty clear that the only way you can stop the end of the world is to take one of the two protagonists through the story while slicing, dicing, and yeeting cars at horrific enemies.

It’s a beautiful anime game that will hook you in with the mysteries it presents, and have you sticking around for the satisfying combat.

Best PS5 RPG games: final fantasy

4. Final Fantasy XIV

The acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV which has a long old free demo and a somewhat cultish following is literally so popular that it had to be pulled from storefronts.

Square Enix quite simply couldn’t deal with how many people wanted to play it and had to make sure nobody else could get in. Do you know how popular a game has to be for that to happen, and how good that game must be for that to be the case?

Best PS5 RPG games: Tales of Arise players shoulder their weapons

5. Tales of Arise

The Tales of series is not dissimilar to the Final Fantasy series. It’s been going on forever, you don’t need to play any of the previous games to understand the latest one, and everyone in these games has a high probability of being hot.

Unlike Final Fantasy though, the Tales of series are action RPGs. The latest entry has you playing as an amnesiac with a mysterious metal mask who has to try and stop the slavery of a group of people from others who came from another planet. It’s beautiful, fun, and probably the best the series has ever been.

 PS5 RPG games: A shootout in Disco Elysium

6. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

The upgraded version of the original Disco Elysium, which was already something of a masterpiece anyway, belongs on any list of the best PS5 RPG games, and probably just any list about the best games on any platform.

You take control of a detective with a powerful inner monologue who has to either succeed or fail their way through a strange world filled with horrible and delightful characters.

PS5 RPG games: A man hides behind a

7. Judgment

Judgment is a spin-off from the Yakuza games, and features the same overwhelmingly charming writing, characters, and general distractibility that makes the series so strong.

Rather than playing a Yakuza member though, you take control of Takayuki Yagami, a private investigator looking into a serial murder case. The world is corrupt though, and you’ll need to not only use your head, but also your fists and feet to figure things out. Lost Judgment, the sequel, is also a good game, but the original is stronger on the story front.

PS5 RPG games: Yakluza Like a Dragon characters standing next to each other

8. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Speaking of Yakuza, the latest entry takes the series away from the action format and into a world of turn-based battles thanks to a new protagonist called Ichiban Kasuga.

Rather than the mighty Kiryu, Ichiban is a low-level grunt in the organisation who’s been left to die by a friend. Your job is to guide Ichiban and the friends he makes along the way as you seek out your revenge, and also do all kinds of truly absurd things.

PS5 RPG games: Two characters fight in the Final Fantasy 7 remake

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

We’re not really sure that this is a remake at all – it’s far closer to being a reimagining of Final Fantasy VII – but that’s a discussion that’s already somewhat worn out.

Take control of Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and the rest of the lovable scamps of AVALANCHE as you try and fight back against the ecological disasters being wrought by the evils of capitalism thanks to the Shinra Corporation. This new version features a new episode in the story featuring the young ninja Yuffie.

Best PS5 RPG games: Jin in his Samurai gear in Ghost of Tsushima

10. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut takes the powerful tale of Jin Sakai, a samurai who has to figure out if it’s worth trying to hold on to crumbling morality as he tries to protect his home.

This open-world RPG will have you riding around and getting into duels, discovering secrets, and unlocking powerful new skills as you try and stand your ground.

It’ll also make you cross your fingers that Sucker Punch is working on a Ghost of Tsushima 2 release date.

Besr PS5 RPG games: A player fights a spider looking monster in Nioh

11. The Nioh Collection

The Nioh games are what you’d get if you took the ethos of a Soulslike, added in the loot collection of Diablo, and then filled it all with Japanese demons. They’re excellent action RPG games that will happily take up the rest of your year with the content included in them, and can even be played with friends if you’re in a group looking for a new challenge.

This collection offers both the first and second game too, so you’ll be ready if they ever make a third one.

best PS5 rpg games: two Genshin Impact characters ready to fight

12. Genshin Impact

This is arguably one of the best free RPG games on PS5 right now. With a cast of colourful characters that’ll win you over in an instant and a deep upgrade system, there’s plenty here for RPG fans to enjoy.

While there are paid elements to Genshin, it isn’t pay-to-win like other titles. Plenty of the Genshin Impact characters can be picked up without much effort, giving you the best possible chance to enjoy the game for what it is.

So there you have it, our list of the best PS5 RPG games available right now. Of course, if you have a lean green machine, you might want to check out the best Xbox RPG games too – there are some tasty exclusives on that list that you don’t want to miss.