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As Dusk Falls play styles list

Looking for an overview of each of the As Dusk Falls play styles? Here is each one and what they say about how you played the game

As Dusk Falls Play Styles: Tyler and Dale can be seen holding Jim, Vince, and Paul at gunpoint

The final insight into how you played As Dusk Falls is the play style. This focuses on your actions and your reflexes when it comes to quick-time events and crossroads decisions. And, if you want to know all of the ways you can play the game, then this As Dusk Falls play styles list should do the trick.

Unlike the traits and values, this category of insights focuses on the gameplay more than the mentality of your playthrough. As a result, this category is less about looking at how your made decisions and the moral compass behind those decisions.

So, if you are about to play or have already beaten the game and going back for another playthrough, our As Dusk Falls play styles list has an overview of each one. We also go into detail about what triggers you to get each of these play styles.

As Dusk Falls Play Styles List

There are a total of 12 different play style summaries in As Dusk Falls and they look like this:

  • All-Rounder
  • Analyst
  • Committer
  • Daydreamer
  • Decision Maker
  • Explorer 
  • Fast Reflexes
  • Lone Wolf
  • Overrider
  • Peacekeeper
  • Quick Thinker

As it says, the All Rounder summary means that you made decisions from across the other spectrums. Sometimes you were quick to react, but other times you went back and retracted a decision. Or, maybe you spent a lot of time trying to keep the peace initially, but eventually went and became a lone wolf.

The Analyst play style means that you scoured for information or often probed in conversations, looking for details or secrets to get the full picture. As a Committer you often made your decision and didn’t end up changing it, sticking to your first instinct.

If you were a Daydreamer, you often focused on hope or painting a nice picture during brutal and ugly situations. Maybe you even chose the option that you thought had the best outcome for yourself. As a Decision Maker, you didn’t sit on the sidelines. You were never unsure or on the fence, often pushing others down paths with you. Following that is the Explorer trait which means that when you could explore and look for details, you looked everywhere, making sure ever drawer and hiding place had been searched.

The Fast Reflexes play style means that when presented with a decision or need to make a choice quickly, such as escaping, you did not miss many quicktime events and successfully performed them as quickly as you could. The Lone Wolf focuses almost entirely on choosing actions that split you up from those around you.

The Overrider play style is the opposite of the Committer. After making your decision you often went back and changed what you wanted to do or how you wanted to go about a scene. The Peacekeeper reflects you willingness to keep the peace and calm down tensions whenever they arose. Finally, the Quick Thinker play style focuses on coming up with plans or ideas, not waiting long to make a dialogue choice or waiting while at a crossroads option to come up with your choice.

For more on the different insights in As Dusk Falls, check out our As Dusk Falls traits list and our As Dusk Falls values list. You can find all of our tips in our As Dusk Falls walkthrough as well.

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