Apex Legends’ Vantage makes you a better sniper in more than one way

Vantage is a hit with Apex Legends fans and now we know why; battle royale players are starting to clock onto another, rather forgiving, hidden buff in her kit

Apex Legends Vantage Sniper's Mark hidden buff: an image of Vantage aiming down her scope

We know Apex Legends is easily one of the best battle royale games available right now, but why is that the case? Of course, the balanced nature of the game comes to mind – among other things – but, what if we told you that it wasn’t quite as fair as it seems? Well… It isn’t, really. Apex Legends fans are starting to clock onto a rather forgiving buff hidden within new-face Vantage’s ultimate ability: Sniper’s Mark. It turns out that her custom Sentinel sniper rifle must use bigger rounds than most, because the projectile hitbox for these shots is actually a lot larger than it is for other sniper rifles in-game. We know Vantage has found a decent spot in our Apex Legends tier list already, but we might have to bump her up.

The sensation of landing a sniper shot you weren’t expecting to in a firefight really is second-to-none, of course, and something you may have experienced yourself in the heat of battle. However, it looks like Vantage mains in Apex Legends are experiencing this a little more frequently than they expected – and there’s a good reason for that.

Quite a few Apex Legends players dedicated to uncovering the truth of these suspiciously successful shots have taken to the battle royale’s training arena to test standard sniper rifle shots against Vantage’s custom-built Sentinel – and the results are quite clear. As Redditor ‘Signal_Soup1170’ has expressed, Vantage’s bullets are “too damn thicc”.

Taking something of a more scientific approach to things, Apex Legends players like ‘joutloud’ and ‘Dessauerpatchkid’ have taken to Reddit to share footage of themselves testing the hitbox limits of standard sniper rifles against Vantage’s custom sniper rifle. As you can see below, in a situation where a Sentinel and a Kraber both miss the shot, Vantage’s custom Sentinel lands them – dealing the expected 50 damage and tagging the target for follow-up shots.

You can check out the experiment below:

On the topic of Vantage’s ult bullet size… from apexlegends

There’s also evidence that the situation is similar when using a Longbow DMR, as you might imagine, that you can also see below:

Vantages Ult is much more “forgiving” than regular snipers from apexlegends

At the moment, Respawn Entertainment has not commented on just how intentional these ‘homing rounds’ are when it comes to Sniper’s Mark. However, we’re inclined to suggest that this is indeed a deliberate feature of the ability – given the fact that Respawn Entertainment needs to balance this precision-based ultimate ability with the likes of Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder or Maggie’s Wrecking Ball.

However, that doesn’t mean Vantage is completely bug-free in Apex Legends. Recently, players have been finding that there’s an Apex Legends Vantage bug that lets you chase enemies with a black hole and that there’s an Apex Legends Vantage bug that lets you dash like Jett in Valorant. While she’s not bad at climbing the Apex Legends ranks, it’s clear that there are going to be some fixes coming to her kit in an upcoming set of Apex Legends patch notes. We will just have to wait and see how Sniper’s Mark is affected.