You can reach the top of Train Yard in Apex Legends without using Pathfinder

Apex Legends

Of all the locations in Apex Legends Season 3’s new map, World’s Edge, Train Yard can be one of the most hotly contested due to its central position and being one of the stops for the train.

Getting the high ground is always important in Apex but it’s particularly crucial in Train Yard. One of the best spots is up in one of the small buildings that are suspended in the air by a crane. The spot gives you a good view of the area, provides plenty of cover and is far up enough that others can’t easily get to you. However, unless you’re just dropping in or have Pathfinder’s grapple or zipline handy, it’s almost impossible to get up there.

One industrious player though has worked out a way to scale up the crane and get access to the buildings using any character and without having to use any abilities. Reddit user ‘Metrixx’ posted a video of him climbing the structure using Lifeline in a series of intricate, well-rehearsed moves.

TIP: most people think there’s not a way to get up to the top of Train Yard without a pathfinder. It does take its time to learn. But once you do. It’s a game changer from r/apexlegends

Once you’ve got the route memorised, it doesn’t even take that long to reach the top, with Metrixx completing the climb in about 15 seconds.

Could this be the new strat for teams rotating into Train Yard? It’s certainly handy for those without a Pathfinder on their team to get an eye in the sky.

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