Apex Legends players team-up on aimbotters then fistfight for the win

Octane points at his head in a hyperactive manner, Wraith and Mirage pose behind.

We’re staunchly anti-cheating over here on The Loadout. If you can’t earn your W’s the right way, then it’s not a W earned at all. As such, we love highlighting moments where players dish out a little bit of vigilante justice in-game, such as the top-tier camaraderie showcased by two Apex Legends squads who decided to teach a team of aim-botters a lesson.

Twitch streamer ‘irdc’ uploaded the more than eventful clip to Reddit, which begins during the dying embers of a high-elo Predator lobby. Only three teams remain, with irdc trying to signal to the other legitimate team that the third team was cheating. “He’s crouching, he’s crouching, he knows, he knows!” irdc exclaims as their soon-to-be-compadres cotton on to what’s going on.

With an unspoken truce made, irdc’s team moves towards their new ally, picking up meds dropped for them in the process. After the allied team’s Death Totem is dropped, both teams go full-send using a couple of Launch Pads to quickly close the distance between themselves and the hackers. “Fuck you hackers!” irdc cries as the six players fly in. Some members of the group fall, but are quickly respawned at the totem to go again.

After a frenzy of gunfire, the evil is defeated. However, the matter of the game’s victor remains to be decided. irdc calls for a punch-out, which their now former allies agree to. One by one, the two teams send fighters forward, with irdc’s team winning all three 1v1s to seal the win.

Going Against Aim-botters in Pred Lobbies? No Problem! from apexlegends

When queried on how irdc’s team knew shenanigans were afoot, the streamer says that “they were insta-headshotting when we peaked, shooting through walls, and the Wraith would occasionally full-auto her scout.”

Having taken down cheaters, made new friends, and earned a W through the most noble of 1v1s, we can definitely see why irdc’s teammate ‘Nixursa’ excitedly states that “that was the best game of Apex I’ve ever played in my life”. Banger.