Apex Legends streamer ShivFPS banned after tirade against hacker

The British streamer had been receiving harassment from the hacker for several days, until enough was enough

Apex Legends streamer ShivFPS

Ah, hackers, the dregs of any gaming community. Be it through utilising cheats to gain an unfair advantage in-game, or through attempting to lock players out of their accounts, hacking remains as prevalent as ever. And there are few greater joys in gaming than getting a one-up on someone who has endeavoured to ruin your game.

However, for British Apex Legends streamer Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel, things got a little heated when it was his turn to exact vengeance – subsequently leading to the streamer being banned on Twitch.

ShivFPS posted the email he received from Twitch on Twitter, which states that he had “apparently used hateful slurs” on stream, which, unsurprisingly, is against the platform’s terms of service. However, in the clip which ShivFPS believes landed him the ban, he had just finished off a hacker known as ‘Tufi’, who had been stream sniping, abusing, and locking the streamer out of his account – to the point where he’d have to make new accounts just to access the game – for several days.

The offending clip can be seen below, and it’s just a little coarse in nature.

Although inflammatory in nature, ShivFPS believes the comments are warranted considering what Tufi had put him through. He has also shared abusive messages sent to him by the hacker prior to the incident. ShivFPS has since told Esports News UK’s Dom Sacco that he plans to appeal the ban.