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Apex Legends players tell EA “fix your damn servers” as issues persist

Many players have reported disconnection issues since the Evolution event patch landed, leading some to lose RP

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17/09/2021 Respawn has announced that it is upping server capacity for now, with fixes rolling out over the coming days

Apex Legends’ Evolution event patch is now live, introducing a host of changes to the popular battle royale game. However, since the new update landed on September 14, many players have been reporting server issues, with some even losing out on Ranked Points because of it.

Now, some disgruntled players have taken to social media – especially the Apex Legends subreddit – to try and make their frustrations heard. “Apex Servers are unacceptable and we are tired of saying this,” writes ‘TheBCE_TV’. “Hey, EA,” says ‘henrysebby’, “your servers are garbage and you make billions of dollars. Do better.” Meanwhile, ‘originalmuffins’ claims that they have lost a whopping 192 RP due to consecutive server dropouts, in a thread that currently has over 9000 upvotes.

“Fix your damn servers,” originalmuffins says. “I have lost 192 RP in a row. You should give people back their hard earned RP. There should be something that indicates if someone is trying to reconnect and it won’t let them.”

Some of those affected have been left waiting an inordinate amount of time to get into a game, while others who have been able to drop into World’s Edge have subsequently dropped out due to being disconnected from the server. Despite attempting to reconnect, many are unable to, leading to leaver penalties erroneously being applied to their accounts.

Respawn has already acknowledged the issue, tweeting that it’s “still seeing an unusual amount of Apex players timing out when attempting to connect to matches.” The developer states that the team is working to quell these issues, and has since upped server capacity while it prepares to roll out fixes over the coming days.

Although it’s to be expected that servers will face an increased strain when new events begin, as players flock to see what’s new, it still feels awful for players – particularly those who have lost out on their Apex Legends ranks grind – to deal with the results.