Apex Legends players are giving up on Seer post-nerf

Artwork of Apex Legends' Seer, wearing a blue and gold outfit

During the first few weeks of Apex Legends’ latest season, Emergence, it’s safe to say that new legend Seer was a bit of a menace. Fortunately, the legend recently received some much-needed nerfs across the board in the latest Apex Legends patch notes, bringing him back in-line with the other legends. These nerfs have been so effective, in fact, that Seer’s play-rate has dwindled massively.

Respawn’s latest machination had everything you could ask for in a recon legend on release: a heartbeat sensor for a passive, a tactical ability which could flash opponents and give information on their health pool, before taking a small chunk out of it, and an ultimate ability which can track players running through it.

The changes – which saw numbers tweaked, as well as the flash and damage on his tactical ability removed – have clearly worked as intended. According to Apex Legends Status, Seer is currently sporting a 6.8% pick rate; an immense drop from the ~20% presence he maintained at the height of his powers.

You can check out the full list of changes to Seer below.

With Seer no longer the omnipresent force he was before, Octane (16.5%), Wraith (11.4%), and Bloodhound (9.6%) currently rule the roost. We’re not particularly surprised about this, seeing as Octane is of course the best legend for Apex Legends ranked, as reflected by our Apex Legends tier list.