Apex Legends Season 5 trailer gives us a glimpse at Loba’s abilities

Apex Legends Loba shooting straight at the camera

Season 5 of Apex Legends is just around the corner and we’ve just got our first proper glimpse at Loba Andrade, the game’s latest champion. Although the new trailer is full of lovely  cinematic shots, it does give us a bit of background to the character and her abilities.

Loba, who we were first introduced to in the Season 4 trailer, appears to have a teleportation ability that she uses to escape Hammond robots and squeeze through small openings. She also has some sort of telekinetic ability that allows her to grab objects before others – in this case a gun.

These two abilities appear to match previous leaks from iLootGames about the legend, which highlighted a translocation device called Burgalar’s Best Friend, and an ability, believed to be her ultimate, called Black Market Boutique which will steal all nearby loot.

The trailer also shows Loba place some sort of sticky grenade and use her cane for some some closed-quarters action, suggesting this will form as some part of her melee animation.

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We won’t have long to find out what Respawn has in store for us though. Season 5 and Ranked Series 4 will start on May 12.