Top Apex Legends pros want kill points removed from ranked

Players believe that placements should be rewarded more than kills

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Two high-profile Apex Legends pro players have tweeted explanations about how they would change the game’s ranked mode in order to more fairly reward players. Complexity’s Ryan ‘Reptar’ Boyd and TSM’s Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona both took to social media to explain that they feel kills are rewarded too highly for players trying to climb the Apex Legends ranks.

“Winning should be the number one priority, [removing kill points] would actually make the quality of games A+ in comparison to what they are now,” says Snip3down. The ALGS player also added that players who “want to frag out” and play more aggressive styles can play the new Apex Legends Arenas mode.

His tweet was in response to Reptar’s tweet, in which shared his belief that ranked would be perfect if Respawn was to “just take out kill points.” The original ranked ruleset focused much more on rewarding placement over kills, but this was later changed (at the request of the community) to add extra points for up to six kills.

Reptar and Snip3down’s views seem to be isolated, however, as many players – both pros and regular players – denounced the ideas. Snip3down’s TSM teammate Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen replied, calling the idea the “dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.” However, he does also admit that placements should be better rewarded in ranked games.

Furthermore, until Respawn implements Apex Legends Arenas’ ranks to the new mode, it does not seem to be a competitive alternative to the regular battle royale ranked mode.

It seems that neither Reptar nor Snip3down have watched much competitive PUBG recently, as the community is often up in arms about the points systems, the fact that kills aren’t rewarded, and that this makes for boring gameplay and less exciting tournaments.

Although Snip3down doesn’t recommend his suggestions be implemented in Apex Legends Global Series tournaments, implementing a no-kill point ranked system could lead to more boring matches on the ranked playlist.