Apex Legends was the most downloaded free-to-play game on PS4 in 2019

Pathfinder Apex Legends

It turns out PlayStation 4 players really like there Apex Legends gameplay. According to Electronic Arts’ Q4 earnings report, the game was the most downloaded free-to-play game on the platform in 2019.

The game, which is teasing Season 5 and the release of Loba as we speak, has had a monumental year. From celebrating its first anniversary from its surprise launch in February 2019, Respawn has added new champions, new content, and revised its ranking system to make it more competitive for all – something Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, recognised in the company’s quarterly fiscal conference call.

“It’s been continually recognised as one of the best multiplayer experiences available, and with each new season of content, Respawn have been delivering more of what players love – from lore, to new legends, to in-game events,” Andrew Wilson, EA CEO says.

In the call, Wilson added that the game was outperforming previous seasons way before the stay-at-home orders for coronavirus began. The Old Ways event, which featured the Bloodhound Trials, was also singled out as the most successful event in the game’s history.

But with every new season outperforming the last, it’ll be interesting to see what Respawn and EA do with Season 5, and how it’ll impact the game’s ratings come the next quarter.