Two Apex Legends players claim to be the first Season 3 Predator

Apex Legends: Crypto

Season 3 of Apex Legends may have only been live for a couple of days but two pro players have already claimed to be the first to reach Apex Predator rank.

Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek, who plays for Danish esports organisation North, claimed on Twitter at 01:13 BST on October 3 (20:13 EST on October 2) that he had become the “first Apex Predator in the world”. However, responses to Mande’s tweet from a British-based console player called ‘Kryptoflux’ – who plays professionally for Brutal Democracy eSports – pointed out that he had in fact reached Predator rank first. A pinned tweet on Kryptoflux’s account shows his account with the Predator emblem and was posted at 23:35 BST on October 2 (18:35 EST on October 2), roughly an hour and a half before Mande.

Despite having evidence showing he was indeed first to reach Predator rank, many Apex fans and fellow pros aimed criticism towards Kryptoflux by saying his achievement isn’t valid as he is a console player, while Mande plays on PC.

Mexican Apex pro Carlo ‘Tempo’ Delsol tweeted: “Imagine only beating him by an hour when you are literally stomping bots in console and he’s constantly playing against pros. Stay in your lane buddy, you are not good.”

In response to Tempo, Kryptoflux said: “So what you’re saying is he got beat and you’re all reluctant to admit it? Imagine dissing console so bad and then getting rounded by one. Big RIP.”

Kryptoflux also accused Mande of deleting videos he was posting to the Twitter thread, asking him to “just take the L.”

Although the evidence is clear that in Kryptoflux was the first to hit Apex Predator rank, the hostility between PC and console players rears its head again, with many choosing to ignore the facts in support of PC player Mande.

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