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Apex Legends’ Amazon Prime Gaming September rewards leaked

It's that time of the month again! Apex Legends' September Prime Gaming rewards from Amazon are on the way and we have all the details for you right here

Apex Legends Prime Gaming September rewards: an image of Octane cheering on a blurry background

Whether you care about in-game cosmetics or not, it’s clear that Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games available right now. However, a few free skins never hurt anyone – right? Exactly, and free skins for Apex Legends is exactly what’s on the way. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime, you’re going to be able to pick up Apex Legends’ September Prime Gaming bundle a lot sooner than you might think.

Ahead of any official announcement from Respawn Entertainment or Prime, reliable Apex Legends leaker ‘SenosApex’ has started sharing details on what fans can expect from the subscription service’s next free cosmetics bundle – and it’s one of the best we’ve seen so far.

According to Senos, the Apex Legends September Prime Gaming bundle is going to include a brightly-coloured “Radioactive” Octane skin, a similarly-styled “Lumbar Puncture” CAR SMG skin, and the “Spinal” Octane Banner Frame – which is of a similar design. If you’re a fan of the hyperactive speedster, claiming this bundle seems like a no-brainer.

But, the question of ‘when’ you’ll be able to claim the Apex Legends September Prime Gaming bundle still remains – and, thankfully, Senos believes that this is coming in about two weeks. When you couple this insightful information with what we can learn from the release pattern of previous Prime Gaming bundles, estimates online suggest that this Octane-themed cosmetics set will be available around September 18 – for anyone with access to Prime Gaming benefits, anyway.

If you’re sitting there wondering what all these cosmetics actually look like, you can check out the latest leaks below.

Apex Legends Prime Gaming September rewards: an image of a Tweet showing the new Octane skin and CAR SMG cosmetics

As always, until we see something a little more official from either Respawn Entertainment or Prime Gaming, it’s worth taking all of the above with a pinch of salt. However, these sorts of leaks are rarely wrong and we’re fairly confident that these Octane cosmetics will be available in Apex Legends’ September Prime Gaming bundle very soon.

If you’re not an Octane main – and you don’t really care about this – you might want to consider starting to be one. He’s always high on our Apex Legends tier list and you shouldn’t ignore how useful his Stim can be when using the best Apex Legends weapons.