This Apex Legends update would make Prestige skins worth unlocking

Are you looking for more customisation options in Apex Legends? Well, one fan has come up with a concept that would make Prestige skins well worth going for

Apex Legends prestige skin colour picker concept: an image of Wraith with a mask on a red background

We know there are quite a few people less-than-pleased with Respawn Entertainment’s approach to monetisation in Apex Legends, but it’s hard to deny that quite a few of the legend skins are pretty slick. One thing that’s leaving fans a little disappointed, though, when it comes to these cosmetics is the Prestige skins Respawn Entertainment are starting to pepper into the battle royale’s Collection Event rewards – instead of Heirloom items. While these skins are far from bad cosmetics, they cost Apex Legends players a lot to unlock and they’re not quite as customisable as they could be, given that this is something of a unique selling point for these items. We know this is one of the best battle royale games, and the best competitive FPS games out there, but it’s disappointing.  So, one Apex Legends content creator has suggested one small – but very effective – change to make it all worthwhile.

Apex Legends content creator and leaker ‘KralRindo‘ has taken to the Apex Legends subreddit to share his conceptual colour picker for Apex Legends’ Prestige skins.

As you’ll be able to see for yourself below, KralRindo has introduced a simple colour grid where players can choose the primary, secondary, and emmissive colours for any Prestige skin they unlock. If you’re not sure what “emmissive” means, in this context it’s referring to any sorts of lights on a skin.

It’s certainly not the most complex system, but it’s one that would help Apex Legends players add a little more personality to their Prestige skins and make them well-worth unlocking. And, it wouldn’t be too intrusive, as you can see below:

I made a simple concept for prestige skins that allows you to change primary, secondary and lighting colors from apexlegends

Of course, there are comments calling this a pipe dream because recoloured skins are a huge part of Apex Legends’ paid content. But, this is certainly a feature we’d like to see introduced in the future. Why shouldn’t you be able to choose the colour you want while climbing the Apex Legends ranks? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

If you’re looking forward to Apex Legends’ next Prestige skin, you can find out more about the Apex Legends Wintertide event start time here – and what you need to unlock to get it. If you’re more concerned about getting wins in Winter Express, you can check out our Apex Legends tier list right here. Will Catalyst fall even further come the next update? Only time will tell.