Post Malone necks shoey during charity Apex Legends Twitch stream

We already knew that Post Malone was a rockstar, but he's been Twitch streaming Apex Legends for charity - and also necking booze from his shoes live for fans

Apex Legends Post Malone shoey Twitch: an image of fuse shrugging

If there’s one person out there living his best life, it’s Austin ‘Post Malone’ Post. When he’s not rapping and dropping absolute bangers, he’s playing games and the singer songwriter has been streaming Apex Legends over on Twitch for the last week to raise money for a number of charities. If seeing Post Malone getting dubs wasn’t enough of a reward, he’s also necked a shoey during his live stream to celebrate hitting a major fundraising goal.

In a later stream on July 24, Post Malone has been raising thousands of dollars for The Trevor Project – one of the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health support charities for LGBTQ+ youth – and he decided the best way to celebrate a fundraising milestone was to drink some booze from a white converse.

Of course, this is going to sound like a disgusting thing to do (and you’d be somewhat right), but doing a shoey is actually quite a popular thing to do in Australia – and, as Post Malone proves, around the world. Who are we to say he can’t drink from a shoe while raising money for an important charity?

As you can see from the hilarious Twitch clip below, Post Malone takes a break from playing Apex Legends to do the shoey in order to celebrate raising over $75,000 for The Trevor Project. It’s truly a remarkable amount when you consider that just hours before he started the stream he shared that he had raised over $120,000 for the Human Rights Watch, Project HOPE, and United Way.

The July 24 stream for The Trevor Project was Post Malone’s last planned “Gaming For Love” streams, but we wouldn’t be surprise if we saw more in the future. It has been clear for a long time that Post Malone has a passion for gaming and music alongside a passion for helping others – and it’s fantastic for fans who get to see him play Apex Legends with top streamers like ‘iiTzTimmy’ too.

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So, while there’s a lot for fans to talk about, we think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that Apex Legends is best when it’s being used to raise money for important charitible causes like this.