PornHub stats show people have got the hots for Apex Legends’ Wraith

Overwatch is the most searched for videogame on the porn website though.

Wraith Apex LEgends

In 2019, PornHub was visited 42 billion times, with 39 billion searches performed for various stars, celebrities, trends, and video games. That’s right – videogames porn is on the up and Overwatch tops the list this year.

Blizzard’s hero shooter saw an increase of 8% this year, followed by Fortnite, which actually saw a decrease of 17%. Pokemon and Minecraft come in third and fourth, while newcomer Apex Legends claims the fifth spot for the first time ever.

In fact, according to PornHub’s year in review blog, Respawn’s battle royale saw a surge in search volume following its launch in February this year. Compared to Epic Games’ Fortnite’s average of 151,000 daily searches, Apex Legends recorded a peak of 357,701 searches on February 18 – just two weeks after its launch. And although search volume has dropped considerably, the legends are still pulling in close to 100,000 searches every single day.

It appears people have got the hots for Wraith too. When you compare Apex Legends search volume with PornHub’s data on the most searched for videogames characters, Wraith is the only legend from the game to feature on the list, with 399,685 searches this year. Although her popularity is dwarfed by Zelda, Lara Croft, and D.Va, who all take the top three with over four million recorded searches.

But that’s not the only games-related bombshell the porn website is prepared to drop. If we look at the unconventional console wars, Sony comes on top. That’s right, apparently Playstation users are watching the most porn, with 51.5% of PornHub console traffic coming from Sony consoles, compared to Xbox’s traffic share of 34.7%. Weirdly though,  9.1% of you dirty dogs are watching porn on the PS Vita. Who knew.

If you want to check out the stats yourself, you can do so here. Don’t worry if you’re in the office, the blog is technically safe for work.