Apex Legends lore video dives into Pathfinder’s troubled past

Everyone's favourite Apex Predator had a troubled time

Pathfinder dressed as a mob boss

Apex Legends has revealed more background about everyone’s favourite robot, Pathfinder, in the latest Stories from the Outlands lore video. We see Pathfinder’s unfortunate upbringing on the planet Malta. After being fired from multiple jobs because of his clumsiness and general errors, he was looking for his calling in life.

That’s when he happened across ex-cop Lieutenant Maldera, who is now a prison guard. After yet another mishap while serving in the prison canteen and the robot is falsely accused of murder, the unlikely duo are forced into each others’ lives.

As Maldera interrogates Pathfinder, he delves into the robot’s data banks, but finds out more than he bargained for. Pathfinder seems to have stumbled across mishap after mishap, crime after crime, including one specific incident involving Dr Nox – better known as Caustic – who is presumed dead.

Nox is Maldera’s one unresolved case, so the pair buddy up to find Nox and escape the mob – who are after Pathfinder for some unknown reason. However, as well as discovering Nox’s whereabouts in Pathy’s databanks, there’s a hint to the robot’s past, its creator, and its purpose.

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Judging from Pathfinder’s in-game quips and tragic backstory, all he wants to find out is who created him, and what his purpose is. In this animation, he finds a name: Dr Amelie, but nothing more. However, the mob catches up with him and corrupts his data via a shot to the chest before he can find out any more.

The latest lore video is an insight into Pathfinder’s past, and perhaps hints at his future. We certainly hope that Apex Legends Season 8 introduces some more Pathfinder lore – and a buff wouldn’t go amiss, either.