Pathfinder can grapple on to Crypto’s drone in Apex Legends

Crypto, Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 3 is in full swing and with it comes a new legend in Crypto. Players have already been experimenting with the character and his various abilities in the brand new World’s Edge map.

One creative Reddit user, Loumorgsy, has discovered an impressive play that sees Pathfinder utilise Crypto’s Surveillance Drone to get a bird’s-eye view of the map and help with mobility. When the drone is airborne, a well-aimed shot with Pathfinders Grappling Hook can see it attach to the drone, flinging your character high up into the air for a few moments.

This play could be extremely advantageous for your squad and makes Pathfinder an even more useful legend. It could be used as a way to scout ahead or check behind you as you rotate through the map, can allow you to reach the top of buildings and structures higher than the reach of the regular grapple and – if you’re quick and accurate enough – get you quickly away from a combat situation.

The clip below from Loumorgsy highlights just how high the new drone play can get you and shows just how precise you have to be with your grapple shot with the tiny drone barely visible on your screen.

You can grapple Crypto’s drone! from r/apexlegends

With so many advantages, particularly in providing quick recon, there is potential that this new discovery could soon get patched by the Apex developers. While it’s still achievable, expect to see a fair few Pathfinder and Crypto partnerships dropping into World’s Edge in the near future.

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