Fnatic’s ALGS comms reveal hilarious Apex Legends Lifeline roasts

An Apex Legends esports fan has translated Fnatic's ALGS Championships comms from the match where a player accidentally picked Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline: Lifeline's laughing face is illuminated by muzzle flash as she fires a weapon

It’s been well over a week now since Year 2 of the Apex Legends Global Series concluded with the ALGS Championships in Raleigh. While the likes of Valk, Seer, and Gibraltar dominated the meta, we did see a wide range of legends played throughout the entire event.

One surprise was Fnatic’s Japanese roster seemingly picking Lifeline in a Grand Finals match, which was the only time in the entire tournament when the healer was picked. This soon transpired to be a misclick from Fnatic’s Takamasa ‘Meltstera’ Kawai. That infamous Lifeline match (in which Fnatic actually placed well and scored points) has been lapped up by the Japanese Apex community, and now us English speakers can enjoy it too, thanks to one ALGS fan who has translated Fnatic’s comms, revealing some hilarious moments from the team.

Early on in the translated video by ‘k00k’ on YouTube, Fnatic’s Yuga ‘YukaF’ Horie can be seen bursting into laughter and leaning back in his chair in disbelief as the team talks about rotations. “Like… we have a Lifeline on our team,” he says, to which teammate Keita ‘MatsuTasu’ Matsura replies with: “The absolute worst character in the game.”

YukaF also pokes fun at Meltstera, asking: “Are you shroud?”, in reference to popular streamer and current Valorant pro for Sentinels, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, who played a lot of Lifeline in the early seasons of Apex Legends.

Later in the match, Fnatic is set up on a rooftop, and Meltstera calls that his Lifeline ultimate is almost fully charged. This, and the subsequent sound of the Lifeline package dropping in from above, causes plenty of smirks and laughs from his teammates.

During the care package’s descent, YukaF asks: “What do we even get from the care package?”, which tells you all you need to know about how much Lifeline is played in competitive Apex circles. The team then sarcastically celebrates when the package awards them a Shield Battery.

As damage starts to come in from an opposing team, the jabs at Meltstera continue as YukaF jokes about “wanting a bubble” – referring to the fact that his teammate should be playing Gibraltar, if it weren’t for his unfortunate misclick. “Shut up, seriously shut up,” Meltstera responds.

Those are just some of the hilarious interactions between the APAC North team as they battled their way through to a commendable finish. Fnatic ended up finishing fourth overall in the ALGS Championships, collectively taking home $160,000 in prize money – not bad for a time handicapped by Lifeline for a game.

Lifeline, despite being the game’s only team healer, has been an outcast from the competitive scene for some time, and many are hoping to see a significant Lifeline buff in Season 14.