Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy destroys squad with slick play

apex legends pathfinder

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An is really good at Apex Legends. The Loaded creator’s Twitch clip page is just a flurry of absolutely ridiculous plays, and yesterday he showcased yet again why he’s one of the best in the game right now with an absolutely vile demolition of a poor unsuspecting squad.

The passage of play begins to the east of Countdown at the end of round four. With both teammates dead, iiTzTimmy finds himself up against four other squads with the ring closing in. After briefly taking cover behind an open supply bin, the streamer finds himself under fire.

Opting to push towards and scrape into where another engagement is taking place, iiTzTimmy deftly Kobes an arc star and a couple of thermite grenades up onto the platform where one of the teams has set up shop. After dealing massive damage to the team, he uses Pathfinder’s grappling hook to attach himself to the zipline, launching him up onto the platform. One Wingman shot downs a member, a few more finishes off another, and some slick work with the EVA-8 cleans up the third.

Before iiTzTimmy can reap the spoils from his particularly cracked play, he is himself third-partied by another Pathfinder – however there’s only enough space in the lobby for one zippy boy, so the streamer quickly dispatches his doppelganger before the clip ends.

Despite his best efforts, iiTzTimmy couldn’t quite overcome the final squad, which had managed to keep all three members intact until the very end. Regardless, the streamer at least got a banger clip from the game.