Apex Legends actress reveals new Horizon skin is tribute to her cat

The new Horizon skin in Apex Legends is pretty good, right? Well, it has been revealed that its’ actually a heartwarming tribute to the voice actor’s late cat

Apex Legends Horizon Anya's Armor skin: an image of the skin itself from the Gameplay Trailer

We all know that Apex Legends is easily one of the best battle royale games out there right now, but did you know that Respawn Entertainment is one of the best developers out there, too? Following on from the wholesome revelation from the Apex Legends devs that Vantage’s bat Echo is “just too cute” to kill, Horizon voice actress Elle Newlands has revealed that one of the Scottish legends’ new skins is actually a tribute to her late cat, Anya. We’re not crying, you are.

On August 15, almost a week after the start of Season 14, Newlands took to Twitter to share a screenshot of Horizon’s new Anya’s Armor epic skin and offer some insight into the meaning of this name – and in part, the skin’s design – with her followers and fans of the battle royale.

“Not me crying because [Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment] honoured my 20-year-old cat who recently passed away with a skin in her memory”, Newlands began. “Anya’s Armor… Thank you [studio operations director Tim Lewinson] and your good heart.”

Newlands continued on to introduce fans to “the sweetest, shyest little bean” Anya, who she found as a kitten in a box outside a supermarket two decades ago. We don’t know who would leave a kitten out in a box like that, but we’re glad that Newlands found her – and that it sounds like she lived a long, loved life.

Apex Legends Horizon Anya's Armor Skin: An image of two tweets explained in-article

We know it isn’t much, but if it is any solace to those of you feeling a little emotional – like we are – Newlands has revealed that Anya died peacefully in her arms, 20 years to the day that she found her. Now, we think it’s time we all take a moment to hug our pets.

But, before you jump back into Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, you should check out our updated Apex Legends tier list and our Apex Legends weapons tier list – which has been tweaked to reflect some of the wild Season 14 weapon changes that dropped in the latest Apex Legends patch notes. We know Horizon isn’t the most popular legend right now, but we can imagine a lot of Horizon mains are going to use this skin going forward.