Apex Legends Grand Soirée event offers up seven different game modes

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has gone a little bit Gatsby with their upcoming Grand Soirée event, introducing some suave and glitzy Art Deco-style skins and treating players with seven rotating game modes across the two weeks.

The event sees the return of modes such as Armed and Dangerous but also sees brand new modes being introduced. The most exciting will likely be the Third Person Mode (which drops on January 18 for two days) that gives players our first official experience that is not first person. An easter egg was found last month in Apex’s Firing Range that allowed people to enter third person and was likely a teaser for this LTM.

As well as the new game modes and skins, there is a new rewards system coming to the event. Each LTM will come with three unique challenges to complete which award Arcade Points. These points will unlock rewards for you, with the most prestigious being a Havok ‘Spearmint’ variant, costing 5,500 points. From January 17-20, there will also be a bonus points weekend that offers an additional set of challenges to players.

Each of the seven game modes will last for just two days. To see when the most interesting-sounding modes are available, we’ve got the dates of each release down below.

  • Jan. 14 – Gold Rush Duos
  • Jan. 16 – Live.Die.Live
  • Jan. 18 – Third Person Mode
  • Jan. 20 – Always Be Closing
  • Jan. 22 – Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge
  • Jan. 24 – Kings Canyon After Dark
  • Jan. 26 – Dummies Big Day

While most events are pretty self-explanatory after watching the announcement video, the only real mystery is the Dummies Big Day event, which doesn’t explicitly describe what will be going on.

However, it appears to be that Legends will be skinless, making it hard to see which characters you’re coming up against. It also makes it out that some form of “testing” will be going on, with some speculating that there could be buffs or changes to each Legend’s abilities.