Apex Legends players receive info on $1 million Global Series Championship

A leaked email to players seems to confirm the event will take place after the ALGS Winter Circuit

Apex Legends Octane

14/01/2021 This was previously reported to have been leaked information, but was in fact sent to all ALGS players.

Competitive Apex Legends players are getting very excited after receiving an email announcing the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. The email explains that the event will take place after the culmination of the ALGS Winter Circuit, and it will boast a $1,000,000 – the biggest in the history of the Global Series.

60 teams will enter the tournament, and they’ll be able to secure a spot based on their Winter Circuit performance, cumulative ALGS points, or a Last Chance qualifying event. This puts a lot of pressure on teams fighting in this weekend’s Winter Circuit, who are now chasing a spot in the Championship.

The email was sent out to all registered ALGS players, and can also be read at the bottom of the Winter Circuit announcement on the EA site. Apex Legends’ lead partnerships manager, Shahin Kanafchian, hinted that more information would be reaching players soon, but warned against reading too much into speculation. That’s never going to stop people from dreaming, though, is it?

Here’s his full tweet:

Apex Legends esports fans will be holding their breath for the details that Kanafchian hints at, but players are already getting excited, and speculation is rife.

In response to Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen’s tweet about the $1,000,000 prize pool, Kanafchian confirms that this is a total prize pool for the tournament. Many, including TSM player ImperialHal, are speculating that this means the tournament will be a LAN event where teams from across the globe can play together without dealing with ping and lag issues.

Current speculation suggests that the Apex Legends Global Series Championship LAN event will take place in Japan – mostly due to many Respawn employees recently tweeting about the impressive advertising displays in Shibuya, Tokyo. We reiterate that this is all speculation at this point, and point you in the direction of Kanafchian’s “pinch of salt” tweet.

The ALGS Winter Circuit kicks off this weekend, and it is set to be explosive. As many teams now know that their performance could guarantee entrance into the biggest Apex Legends tournament yet, we’re sure to see the best plays and biggest clutches.

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