Apex Legends’ new skins will help grow the ALGS Championship prize pool

Here's how you can add to the ALGS Championship prize pool

Four Apex Legends characters line up, sporting animal-themed skins

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is just around the corner, but the million-dollar prize pool could be about to grow considerably. From today, May 18, until June 1, Apex Legends players will be able to purchase four cosmetics packs which include skins, banner frames, and gun charms, and money from each purchase will be paid into the ALGS Championship prize pool.

The four animal-themed bundles for Fuse, Pathfinder, Caustic, and Octane will cost 2,500 Apex Coins each – roughly $25 (£20) – and EA will donate $5 from each purchase to the ALGS Championship prize pool, to increase it to a maximum of $3 million. There will also be a 9,000-coin Animal Kingdom bundle, which includes all four bundles for a slight discount. EA will donate $20 from purchases of the big bundle to the Championship prize pool.

While it seems a little random to introduce safari-themed skins to go alongside the Championship, this marks the next step in helping integrate regular players with the esports scene. The Winter Circuit Playoffs brought in record viewers across the official PlayApex stream and player co-streams, likely thanks in part to the gravitas of Championship qualification, but also helped by the introduction of Twitch Drops, which granted players Mirage cosmetics for tuning in.

When The Loadout chatted with EA’s head of broadcast, Joe Lynch, he said that he has a “tech team working on all of those integrations [like Twitch Drops], whether it be with Twitch, or whether it be working with our dev team to help maximize the viewers within the game as it is.”

Introducing skins that directly contribute to the ALGS Championship prize pool feels like the natural evolution of Twitch Drops, and will benefit both regular Apex players and those competing for a slice of the growing prize pool.

Here’s what’s included in the bundles:

Mechchamelon bundle (Pathfinder): 

  • Legendary skin: Mechachamelon
  • Epic banner frame: Change of Colour
  • Epic gun charm: Ancient Guardian

Boared to Death bundle (Fuse):

  • Legendary skin: Boared to Death
  • Epic banner frame: Wild Swine
  • Epic gun charm: Steely Swine

Wild Speed bundle (Octane): 

  • Legendary skin: Wild Speed
  • Epic banner frame: Wild Spirit
  • Epic gun charm: Cyber Cheetah

Silverback bundle (Caustic):

  • Legendary skin: Silverback
  • Epic banner frame: King of the Jungle
  • Epic gun charm: Haning In There

Animal Kingdom bundle:

  • All of the above

If you want to support your favourite team or just look fly while climbing the Apex Legends ranks, picking up a skin (or four) will help elevate the already record-breaking Championship prize pool to new levels.