Apex Legends player gets 10 kills in 5 seconds with Gibraltar on Shadowfall

Apex Legends: Gibraltar

Despite currently being the least picked legend on the game, one player has shown the perks of playing as Gibraltar in Apex Legends Shadowfall limited time mode.

In the race to reach the evac ship in Shadowfall, it’s not uncommon to get a very large group of players (and Shadows) all in one tight spot. Reddit user Vukxx decided to capitalise on this – despite claiming to have picked Gibraltar by accident – by calling in a Defensive Bombardment mortar strike in the area surrounding the evac ship and seeing his kill feed light up.

With some additional help from some spray from a Flatline and a couple of grenades, Vukxx achieves ten kills in roughly five seconds as the airstrike pummels into a crowd of enemy players and Shadows. The insane clip has almost 10,000 upvotes since it was posted and shows just why even the least popular legends can still do a job for you if you use their abilities wisely.

picked gibraltar on accident, made the best of it from r/apexlegends

With Shadowfall being a solo player game mode and Shadows having such a small amount of health, it means that the conditions are perfect to use an ability such as Gibraltar’s mortar strike to get a big multi-kill like this one.

Shadowfall is part of the Fight or Fright Halloween event and ends on November 5, so there’s still plenty of time to see if you can get a longer kill feed than this one in just five seconds.

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