Apex Legends PC player becomes the first Season 4 Apex Predator

Apex Legends Revenant

February 5, 2020 Since first posting, Cyqop has given The Loadout some additional information on his Apex Predator grind.

Just 15 hours after Season 4 of Apex Legends dropped, we already appear to have the first Apex Predator-ranked player of the new competitive series.

French Apex pro Theo ‘Cyqop’ Lesecq, who represents BDS Esports, hit the milestone live on his Twitch stream on the morning of February 5 and claims he is the first player to do so. The PC player tweeted: “So I guess I am the first one to reach Predator this season?” He then went on to thank the players who assisted him in the grind to become the very first Predator of what is now the third ranked series of competitive Apex.  While the Frenchman’s achievement is yet to be officially confirmed, there appears to be no other reports on social media of anyone beating him to Predator rank on either PC or console.

Speaking to The Loadout, Cyqop says that for his epic run to Predator he “mostly used Wraith, but played like five Wattson games that [went] bad.”

He also says that despite a number of changes, buffs, and nerfs that were rolled out with the release of Season 4, he hasn’t noticed much of a shift in the meta and that the new legends Revenant “isn’t strong enough to be played” in ranked.

At the beginning of Season 3 of Apex Legends, there was a fiercely contested debate by two pro players as to who had reached Apex Predator rank first.

In the current season, Apex Predator has become a fluid rank that is limited only to the top 500 players at any given time, meaning if you want to keep your Predator rank you have to keep playing at the top of your game.

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