Apex Legends fans add gold Ultimate Accelerant to their wishlist

Apex Legends is always evolving and some fans have been discussing whether a gold iteration of the battle royale’s Ultimate Accelerant would work in-game

Apex Legends fans gold Ultimate Accelerant: an image of Wattson key art

We know Apex Legends is easily one of the best battle royale games available right now, but there’s always room for improvement – even in Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter. We know it, the devs know it, and the fans know it. What people don’t necessarily know, or agree on, is where this improvement should come from. However, the Apex Legends community always has a handful of decent ideas and a few fans have been debating whether the game needs a gold variant of the Ultimate Accelerant item. While there’s no telling whether this will ever come to fruition, we do think they are onto something with this wild idea.

Apex Legends player and Horizon main ‘HashBandicoot’ has taken to the Apex Legends subreddit to ask the community whether a gold-tier Ultimate Accelerant is a good idea or not. To them, this version of the unique regeneration-based equipment would fully charge a player’s ultimate ability and offer them several unique perks – based on which legend they’re playing as. It would take 14 seconds to use though – which is quite a long time in the thick of the fight.

On the whole, despite some debate, the community seems quite onboard with the idea – and the suggestion that a gold variant Ultimate Accelerant should be added has led to some debate around when a legends’ tactical ability should be recharged, too.

However, there is a valid argument that this would negate the effectiveness of Wattson’s Spark Of Genius passive ability – which fully charges her ultimate ability when using an Ultimate Accelerant. So, if we were ever in a world where a gold rarity Ultimate Accelerant was introduced to Apex Legends, Wattson would need a change. However, this might reflect in something of an improvement when it comes to our Apex Legends tier list – so, it might not be a bad thing.

In the comments of the original post, which you can see for yourself below, HashBandicoot has continued to detail what unique perks the gold tier Ultimate Accelerant would offer players based on the legend they’re using – and some of them are pretty out there.

Thoughts on a Gold Tier Ultimate Accelerant? from apexlegends

We won’t go through the possible perks for all 22 legends, but there are a couple we need to talk about because they’re just so insane.

HashBandicoot’s suggestion for a Fuse perk is that “for three seconds, whatever ‘nade he has is infinite”. In addition to this, they also suggest that a possible perk for Newcastle could be something that makes his Mobile Shield tactical invincible and faster. They also suggest a Crypto perk that would make him unscannable – completely off the grid.

While these sound a little too unbalanced to be believable, there are quite a few suggestions that do sound like something we could see introduced to Apex Legends.

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For example, an Octane perk that would remove the negative effects of using his Stim tactical ability or a Loba perk that would allow players to steal an additional item with her Black Market ultimate ability. They also suggest a couple of Mirage perks that would help to improve his place in the meta. One would effectively give the bamboozler “smart decoys” which can mimic shooting and looting and the other would let him create decoys based on an enemy in nearby proximity. To us, both of these sound like ideas Respawn Entertainment should look into – Mirage needs a buff.

But, alas, we don’t know whether the next set of Apex Legends patch notes will include such a buff – or anything similar to the gold tier Ultimate Accelerant suggested. It’s still quite a good idea and does leave us with questions on where the battle royale is going next? Respawn Entertainment is always innovating when it comes to Apex Legends, so we’re hoping something just as exciting pops up sooner rather than later.