Apex Legends fans want a League of Legends feature in battle royale

Apex Legends fans are calling for an endorsement honour system to be introduced to the battle royale - so saying thanks to other players is a little easier

Apex Legends fans endorsement honour system: an image of Vantage sniping

We know Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, but sometimes you just get into a game with someone who’s not having a good day. There are a lot of ways to communicate with your squad in Respawn Entertainment’s shooter, but apparently, it seems as though the Apex Legends community doesn’t think there’s enough. If you’re someone who thinks there should be a way to praise and reward other players based on their in-game performance, you’re not alone. Apex Legends fans want Respawn Entertainment to introduce an endorsement system to the battle royale – something like the endorsement system in Overwatch or League of Legends’ honor system

The conversation, sparked by Revenant main ‘Wiggles357’ on the Apex Legends subreddit, is all about finding a way for players in-game to effectively communicate their gratitude with other Apex Legends players for things like: getting knocked and not quitting, having good comms in-game, and “just all around good sportsmanship”.

Of course, as you might already know, Apex Legends does prompt players to say thank you to their squadmates when they’re revived – and when they pick up an item pinged by another. However, this suggestion seems to go beyond that.

From what we can tell, this is all about further incentivising teamwork and non-toxic behaviour in the battle royale – an issue that many players still feel is something of a problem when matchmaking with other players randomly.

In the comments, several other players discussed how this endorsement honour system would work in Apex Legends – with some quite interesting ideas.

Could we get a way to thank team mates who actually bust their asses? from apexlegends

Redditor ‘MuchWoke’ suggested that players should be able to send one another Apex Packs as thanks, an idea that then grew into a system where players could earn a certain number of Apex Packs at the end of each in-game season based on the level of endorsement they have received from other players throughout. This could help a lot of people get a few more skins for the guns at the top of the Apex Legends Weapon tier list, at the very least.

Another fan, ‘Barkhardt’, suggested that an MVP voting system should be introduced – which will then reward the player when they hit a milestone of MVP votes.

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Of course, these are all systems that could be abused by players – something a lot of fans suggest in the comments to the original post. However, a general gifting system seems to be something players want – and, from what we know of our time talking to Respawn Entertainment ahead of the Hunted update, it’s something the developers are working on.

Although, will this be an effective way to reward players’ good behaviour – if it is costing others real money and Apex Coins? We’re not so sure. Maybe something like an evolving Banner Badge or Banner Tracker is more likely – and something we could see in a set of Apex Legends patch notes in the future – should a system like this ever get introduced, anyway.