Apex Legends Emergence sees Seer dominate pick rate

Three legends from Apex Legends, Bloodhound, Seer, and Rampart, stand in a line doing their victory poses

Apex Legends’ latest season, Emergence, has been in play for a week now, and Redditor u/weatherwistly9 has shared a screenshot of the full roster of legends with their pick rates so far attached – and the breakdown is pretty unsurprising for the most part.

The least surprising legend on the list is Seer, who is currently leading the pack with a whopping 18.1% pick rate. Whether or not this is simply due to him being the newest legend to drop into World’s Edge, or his ridiculously potent kit isn’t certain, but we’re confident it’s a bit of both.

Seer’s ability to quickly gain huge amounts of information on enemy teams thanks to pretty low cooldowns has already merited calls for nerfs and changes from parts of the community. This is especially poignant after Respawn dropped the scan duration of Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather on patch 9.1 at the end of June because of how strong it was.

The only other legend aside from Seer to sport a 10%+ pick rate is Octane (it’s clear that the community has great taste). Offering that fast-paced parkour experience Respawn mastered in the Titanfall games, Octane is easily one of the most fun legends to play as, and one of the most infuriating to play against when you’re trying to track the zippy boy during a fight.

Apex Legends Roster, but its their pick rates (as of today) from apexlegends

It’s also highly likely that Octane is seeing so much play as he can quickly launch himself and his allies out of an unfavourable situation, especially when you’re being blasted by Seer microdrones everywhere you go.

Although Wraith is no longer the instalock queen she once was, the legend remains the third-most-popular pick of the bunch. With 9.8% of players picking her up, Wraith’s ability to zip in and out of engagements remains as useful as ever.

Indeed, with legends specialising in mobility and instant reconnaissance constituting the most common picks right now, it’s hard to see where underutilised picks like Crypto (1.2%) and Wattson (1.5%) can fit into the Apex Legends ranks meta.

Hopefully as the season continues, and further balancing changes arrive, we’ll begin to see a bit more diversity in the types of legends being played.