BLAST says its first ever Apex Legends tournament is “not a gimmick”

Here's everything you need to know about the BLAST Titans Apex Legends tournament

Bangalore runs away from a fight, leaving Rampart behind her

Esports tournament organiser BLAST is making its way into the growing world of Apex Legends esports. Weeks after the first ALGS season wrapped up, BLAST has announced BLAST Titans, a 40-team battle royale tournament for Apex Legends which will be broadcast live on Twitch in July and August this year.

BLAST is known for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions, but has recently entered the Fortnite and Valorant esports scenes, too. BLAST Titans will be a European tournament with a €40,000 (around $45,000) prize pool, and 40 teams will take part in the first weekend’s double elimination bracket.

The first 20 teams are the “top 20 European teams on recent form,” which BLAST has calculated based off ALGS rankings, and includes 18 of the teams from the EMEA ALGS Championship Final plus K1CK and Flight of Fancy. Les Cites De France and T-Rex miss out, as does Kungarna – the former Nessy roster which surprised everyone when it failed to make it out of the group stages.

These teams could still feature as one of the ten invited wildcard teams, or make it through open qualifiers for one of the final ten places. BLAST wants to crown the “best team in Europe” at the event, and the likes of LCDF and Kungarna won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to challenge for that title, especially after the latter’s disappointing Championship performance.

“We’ve been given such a warm welcome by all the players, talent, the publisher, and the most importantly, the fans,” BLAST’s VP of commercial – and the man behind the BLAST Titans name – Leo Matlock, exclusively tells The Loadout. “The feedback and the positivity has been incredible, and made everyone double down to want to make everything we’re doing even better.”

Gibraltar and Bangalore stand either side of the words Titans in blocky white text against a teal background

A double elimination bracket will occur over three days from July 23 to July 25, with €20,000 on the line. The second weekend of BLAST Titans action is being kept much more tightly under wraps, but will take place from July 31 to August 1. This weekend will use “an innovative format that will be announced closer to the time,” according to BLAST.

The full list of 20 best European teams (according to BLAST) is as follows:

  • SCARZ Europe
  • Fire Beavers
  • SoloQgoats
  • Aqualix
  • Endeavour
  • Forg Gang
  • Gambit
  • Alliance
  • NAVI
  • Purge (the former 303 roster)
  • Yapeers
  • NEW Esports
  • FlavorOfTheMonth
  • Totem Esports
  • Top Dogs
  • Magicians
  • Third Impact
  • K1CK
  • Flight of Fancy

If you think you can take them on, you can find more details about the open qualifiers on the Challenger Mode website.

Matlock insists that BLAST is going to bring its own spin to Apex Legends esports, and use its broadcast experience to create an incredible esports event.

“What we want to do is primarily bring what we do best,” he explains. “Production, experience, the graphics, the content, the show concept, fantastic talent, and fantastic technology to bring that to life. We’ll make sure it’s smooth and the experience people are watching and listening is as good as it can possibly be online. That’s the first priority.

“The second priority is create a two-weekend format which offers something a little bit different. Not a gimmick, not something to grab the headline as a point of difference, which actually doesn’t serve anything. A lot of that comes with how we float these two tournaments together.”

Matlock is clear that BLAST is serious about its entrance into Apex Legends esports, and thankful that EA has offered the opportunity to third parties to host their own events during the ALGS off-season.

BLAST is coming at the event with an eye to create a high-quality production that provides Apex fans with something different and something new.

Stay tuned to hear more from Leo Matlock exclusively on The Loadout this week.