Streamer visits viewer’s Animal Crossing island, finds creepy shrine to Pokimane

This is just straight up weird...


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has pretty much taken over the gaming world since it launched exactly a week ago on March 20, with millions fishing, growing, and building their way out of crippling debt with island overlord Tom Nook.

It’s also gone down a treat with streamers, and has been the fourth most watched game on Twitch in the last seven days, trumping the likes of Fortnite and CS:GO with over 20 million hours of viewership. With so much variety and customisation in the game, New Horizons has been played as a creative sandbox game by a lot of players, rather than the steady-paced island life-simulator it’s meant to be.

With free reign on design, and the ability to import images into the game to plaster onto flags, paintings, or clothing, there’s been some crazy creations. But few are as weird – and flat out disturbing – as the one Twitch streamer ‘Kalei’ encountered.

On visiting a viewer’s island, Kalei was shown around their cosy lakeside home. All seemed relatively normal until she visits the first room of the house: set up as a romantic picnic date for the streamer and her viewer, who is donning a ‘I [heart] Kalei’ sweater. Then things get even weirder as she enters the second room of the house: a creepy shrine to Twitch star Pokimane.

With the walls and floor covered in Pokimane’s ‘pokiW’ Twitch emote, and the room containing a studio light, a mirror, a box of “sex toys” and a rather dubious selection of tissue boxes, a stunned Kalei was left virtually in silence.

Her viewer’s allegiance also quickly changes as they swap their ‘I [heart] Kalei’ sweater for a ‘Poki’ hoodie.

A canvas on the wall also appears to claim that the house’s owner is a Pokimane mod.

While Pokimane has a huge army of fans with over four million followers on Twitch, 4.7 million YouTube subscribers, and about the same amount again following her on Instagram, this is certainly a bit of a weird way to show your love for any streamer.