Andrew Yang discusses collegiate esports on the campaign trail

The Democratic presidential candidate met with Tyrelle Appleton

Andrew Yang

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has met with New England College’s esports program director to talk about the future of competitive gaming and gaming influence.

Yang, a tech-focused entrepreneur, has been pretty vocal on issues affecting the games industry in recent weeks, speaking to The Washington Post about the problem of lootboxes, the Blitzchung ban, and more, but it looks like he’s trying to understand the collegiate esports system too.

Meeting with Tyrelle Appleton, the first Gears of War player in the United States to formally partner with Major League Gaming, Yang asked questions about esports and gaming influence in the impomptu meeting during his campaign campaign last week.

“It was an honour to meet Andrew Yang,” Appleton tweeted. “I really appreciate him for taking the time to talk about esports. His message was funny, transparent, and insightful.”

A although it seems Appleton only got to speak to the presidential hopeful for a short time, he’s clearly had an impact on the NEC man. And with Yang clearly committed to the tech and games industry, esports might well have an ally in the White House in the near future.