Is AEW Fight Forever on Game Pass?

Do you want to know if AEW Fight Forever is on Game Pass? Here is what we know about the game's upcoming release and how you can play

AEW Fight Forever Game Pass: Multiple wrestlers can be seen

Are you wondering if AEW Fight Forever on Game Pass is planned for when the game launches? Well, this article will answer all the questions you have about how and when you can play the wrestling game when it comes out.

Whether you are just looking for some fun with friends or are a hardcore wrestling fan wanting a taste of AEW action, the game will be packed full of AEW Fight Forever wrestlers for you to choose from. And, there will be a ton of fun modes for the arcade type of gameplay it is offering.

Is AEW Fight Forever on Game Pass?

AEW Fight Forever is not set to launch on Game Pass or any subscription service, according to AEW Games and THQ Nordic. This comes after an unverified report suggested that the game was set to come to Game Pass. But, that doesn’t look like the case.

This won’t be too surprising to THQ Nordic fans as not many of their games have come to Game Pass. So, it is somewhat unlikely that we will see AEW Fight Forever on the service as well. But, there is always a chance.

So there you have it, that is the latest on AEW Fight Forever on Game Pass. If you want to stay up to date on what to expect from the game, be sure to read up on what we know ahead of the AEW Fight Forever release date.