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A Plague Tale’s Amica up for a sequel, but cautious of overdoing it

A Plague Tale Requiem is a stunning sequel from Asobo Studios, but do we need a third game? Well, Amicia voice actor Charlotte McBurney has shared her thoughts

A Plague Tale Requiem Sequel: an image of Charlotte McBurney's Amicia running in-game

If there’s one thing we all love when it comes to gaming, it’s a bloody good sequel – right? No matter how long a narrative can be, if the characters are capitvating and the world exciting, there’s never enough. Well, we know we can’t speak for everyone, but that was the case with A Plague Tale Innocence – and this sensation has only grown when it comes to A Plague Tale Requiem. However, does this epic rat-infested adventure really need a threequel? Well, Amicia de Rune herself, Charlotte McBurney, has had her say – and the answer might surprise you.

In a live-streamed Q&A session with fellow A Plague Tale Requiem cast member Anna Demetriou (Sophia), McBurney shared that she would be up for another game in the series, but that she wasn’t sure one was necessary. We know this is one of the best PS5 games and the best Xbox Series X games out there right now, but she does make quite a good point.

More specifically, as you’ll be able to see below in the Q&A video for yourself (at around the 46:00 mark), she was asked “would [she] ever do another ‘Plague Tale’ if Asobo Studios decide to do another one, and reprise [her] role as Amicia” if the opportunity arose.

In response to this, McBurney was quick to say that she would love to play Amicia again. In fact, she would be “quite peeved” if anyone else was cast as her – as she’s been portraying her for over five years now. McBurney’s eagerness, though, stretched beyond the ‘Plague Tale’ series; she expressed that she would be happy to work on anything the studio was working on in the future.

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However, interestingly, McBurney also shared that she wasn’t sure A Plague Tale Requiem really needed a sequel – a threequel, if you will.

“It’s tricky,” she began, “I would love nothing more than to continue playing [Amicia]… But, I do think the place that they leave her in at the end of Requiem is kind of beautiful, and she has a gorgeous arc… You don’t want to overdo things.”

While we agree with McBurney on that, the end of the game is quite poignant, we do think it leaves everything on a bit of a cliffhanger – as in, there’s room to explore if Asobo Studios and the writers want. We would even be happy to see a game with a narrative told adjacently to the story of Amicia and Hugo; there really is a lot to explore when it comes to this strange world.

But, that’s all for the future – if we’re lucky. For now, you can check out our full A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough here – if you’re planning to play over the holidays – and why we thought A Plague Tale Requiem was a fantastic story here.